2500 delegates to participate in Made in Germany Summit

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By Kaleyesus Bekele

More than 2500 delegates are expected to participate at the Made in Germany-Africa Summit and Exhibition to be held in Addis Ababa Ethiopian Skylight Hotel from March2-4, 2023. 

At a press conference held on Tuesday February 28 Onur Yel, Head of Economy, Culture and Press Section with the German Embassy, told Reporters that more than 2500 delegates from Germany and African countries are expected to participate in the summit and exhibition. Onur Yel said that some 55 German companies will attend the event adding that a large German delegation of 60-70 officials will come to the event. “Africa has a huge potential and Germany has a new plan for Africa. Germany wants to partner and trade with Africa. We want to enhance cooperation with Africa,” he said. 

Eskinder Negasi, one of the organizers of the Made in Germany Summit and Exhibition, said that German firms will unveil their products and services to Ethiopian and other African business. “Germans are known for their engineering technology and we want to share that knowledge with Africa,” Eskinder said. 

Both Onur Yel and Eskinder Negasi said that Ethiopia has a huge potential for growth but to tap into its potential it should eliminate red tapes such as bureaucratic visa, and customsprocess. “Fund repatriation is another challenge that Ethiopian government should work on,” Onur Yel said.       

“Made in Germany” Exhibition and Summit will kick off on Thursday. Eskinder said the summit and exhibition will be an annual event.  “The mind set of German investors towards Africa has changed,” he added.    

According to a statement issued by the German Embassy in Addis Ababa, MADE IN GERMANY – AFRICA would provide a platform for key African industries to enhance multilateral trade relationships.

Over 2,500 Germans as well as African professionals, investors, diplomats, government personnel are expected to attend, providing a unique opportunity to discuss and refresh these major relationships.

“At MADE IN GERMANY – AFRICA you may expect leading brands, products & services planned for the African market. With its high-end visitor profile and large proportion of decision-makers, this special event will attract not only exhibitors but also conference attendees as well as diplomats,” the Embassy said. 

German and African experts will discuss solutions for African educational organizations i.e. schools, universities and other higher learning institutions. Others will meet with German companies leading in infrastructure, clean cities, building systems, environmental solutions, digitalization, and manufacturing of machines. Financing projects, leasing machines for agro-processing & other finance topics will be discussed with World Bank, IMF, and the German KfW Bank. Some of the other discussion points will include the new important European and German regulations for Ethiopian and African exporters. Known as the only African event of its kind, MADE IN GERMANY – AFRICA offers a significant opportunity to find the best economic and political solutions for Africa´s needs. 

MADE IN GERMANY – AFRICA is organized by the Trade and Fairs Group and the German Embassy in Addis Ababa, with the support of the German Ministry of Trade and Climate Protection Ethiopia and the Ethiopian government.

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