Government retenders Ethio Telecom’s 40% stake

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-Invites companies to present expression of interest for second license

The Federal Government of Ethiopia today floated a tender that would enable it to partially privatize the state owned Ethio Telecom.

In a press conference held today officials of the Ministry of Finance disclosed that international firms can submit their proposals for the acquisition of 40 percent stake in Ethio Telecom in the coming 30 days.

It is to be recalled that the Ministry had floated the tender early this year but latter cancelled the bid due to the political instability that rocked the nation.

The Ethiopian government had disclosed its intention to have two telecom operators in addition to the state owned Ethio Telecom. The Ethiopian Communication Authority had granted telecom operator certificate to Safaricom, the first international telecom firm to enter the Ethiopian market.

Today, the Ethiopian authorities have invited international telecom companies to present their expression of interest to secure the second telecom license.

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