ECAA grants license to Werku Ayetenew’s Gold Star Aviation

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By Kaleyesus Bekele

The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA) has granted an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) to Gold Star Aviation, a new air transport company established by the renowned businessman, Werku Ayetenew.

At a ceremony held today ECAA Director General Getachew Mengistie congratulated the management of Gold Star Aviation for complying with all the requirements set to secure the AOC. “I commend you for fulfilling all the requirements and standards,” Getachew said.

According to Getachew, the Ethiopian government encourages the private sector to invest in the aviation sector. “A lot of work has been done in this regard. Policies and regulations have been revised. We don’t want you to limit yourself only to providing charter flight service. You have to think of launching scheduled flight service,” he said.

Getachew highlighted some of the new investment areas that the private sector can invest on. “Aircraft maintenance, pilot training school, cargo and even airport, air strip and helipad development are some of the investment opportunities where the private sector can venture into,” he said. “I also advise you to pay due attention to safety and security. We will provide you with the required support,” he added.

Tsion Shiferaw, Accountable Manager of Gold Star Aviation, stated that her company has been traversing through many ups and downs to qualify for the AOC. “We thank all the ECAA officials who helped us along the way,” Tsion said.

Gold Star Aviation was established with a registered capital of 10 million Birr and operates a Bell 407 helicopter.

Tsion told Origins Business that Gold Star Aviation has a plan to acquire more aircraft and render various air transport services.

According to ECAA, currently there are 12 licensed private airlines operating in the country.

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