Ethio telecom launches cloud computing service

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Ethio telecom has launched Cloud Computing Service, telecloud, which would modernize and empower daily business activities of the customers.

The new cloud computing service will help companies to get modern services virtually without the need to build data centers and other infrastructures, Frehiwot Tamiru, CEO of Ethio telecom said Thursday.

The service launching program was held at Science Museum.

Construction of data centers is expensive. “Therefore, the new tele cloud service will cut such costs,” said Frehiwot.

She added that, “Strategically important clients can use our services than building a data center, which is an expensive business.”

The new service will enable customers to get one office productivity and collaboration solution, video management system and smart education services.

Ethio telecom is 23th biggest telecom operator from among 781 largest telecom operators internationally and the second in Africa, according to latest ranking.

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