Digaf Microcredit Providers signs MoU with Ministry of Labor, Skills

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Digaf Microcredit Providers, a technology-driven micro-finance institute, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ethiopian Ministry of Labor and Skills (MoLS).

The partnership will allow MoLS and Digaf to facilitate access to affordable digital loan products to low- and medium-income individuals with the aim of enhancing financial capacity. This announcement of the partnership coincides with Digaf’s launch of Demoz, a digital loan product which extends salaried professionals a short-term and unsecured advance on their upcoming earnings.

Menen Melese, the CEO of Ministry of Labour and Skills, stated the agreement with Digaf allows the Ministry to work towards its aims of enhancing job creation and employee welfare by facilitating financial inclusion.

Dereje Turi, the CEO of Digaf Microcredit Providers, on his part stated that Digaf aims to provide financial relief to middle to lower income individuals through the application of technology in the financial sector.

He noted that Demoz enables employees to access their salaries in advance with the ability to pay back in up to 15 months. MoLS employees will be among the first to benefit from this loan service.

The strategic partnership will enable MoLS and Digaf to facilitate suitable loan packages to underbanked segment of the population, through un-collateralized and quick access loan options.

Access to affordable loans will ensure the creation of job opportunities by expanding enterprise investment in national focus areas of agriculture, mining, manufacturing and construction, hotel, and tourism services, as well as ICT and technology. Loans provided to employees will support their economic condition and overall wellbeing, increasing production and productivity simultaneously.

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