Germany, France support transport, distribution of 50,000 tons of wheat to Ethiopia, Somalia

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Germany and France supported the transport and distribution of 50,000 tons of wheat from Ukraine for people in need in the Horn of Africa with $14 million each through the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).

Germany will cover the costs for the delivery to Ethiopia while France will cover costs for the delivery to Somalia.

The Ukrainian donation is a sign of great solidarity while the country suffers a war of aggression. A state, which is itself in need, gives generously to save people in the Horn of Africa from starvation. The grain from Ukraine will enable millions malnourished people in Ethiopia and Somalia to receive a month’s ration of grain.

The food aid helps ensure that families’ basic needs are met and that they can spend what little money they have of their own more on local foods such as vegetables, fruit, fish or meat.

The support for Ethiopia and Somalia is direly needed: In Somalia, half of the population is dependent on humanitarian aid, 121,000 people are already in famine and by December, the number is expected to reach 300,560.

 In Ethiopia, 24.1 million people are currently affected by drought and more than 20 million are food insecure nationwide. In total, more than 20.5 million people in drought-affected countries Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya need food assistance, according to the statement from Embassy of Germany.

Germany is providing concrete support for the people of the Horn of Africa: in 2022, the Federal Foreign Office has already earmarked 126 million euros for humanitarian aid in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya.

Last year, Germany supported the United Nations WFP with over 700 million euro, providing food for millions of people. Further aid funds are provided for health or water supplies for people in need, as well as for disaster management.

France is supporting the United Nations WFP , the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as well as International NGOs such as ACTED or Action Against Hunger to improve food security through agriculture and nutrition as well as livelihoods for vulnerable populations in the horn of Africa. Ethiopia and Somalia are among the most important countries benefiting from the French food assistance programme under the last instalment for 2022.

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