Ambassador praises book on sharing Japan’s economic successes to Ethiopia

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Ito Takako, Ambassador of Japan to Ethiopia, praised the YeJapan Menged book literary translated “Japan’s way” by Mr. Assefa Mamecha for sharing Japan’s economic successes.

Recently, I met Mr. Assefa Mamecha, the author of the book “Japan’s way”. The book is about Japan’s experience of becoming a modern and developed nation, says Ambassador Ito Takako on Friday during the program to celebrate the 21st International Conference of Ethiopian Studies (ICES21) held at Ambassador’s residence.

“Since the book is written in Amharic I can’t read it myself, but many people who have read it told me it is a very inspiring book for Ethiopia in the current context,” she said, adding that, “I hope that Japan’s experience described in this book will be useful to the Japanese, Ethiopian and international scholars who are discussing the political and economic development of Ethiopia.”

ICES hold every three years, in or outside of Ethiopia, and previous Japanese Ambassadors have hosted a reception for past ICES held in Ethiopia. Now it is my honor and great pleasure to join that tradition, in light of such a prestigious event, she said.

Ambassador Ito says more than ten Japanese Universities have academic partnerships with Ethiopian universities, such as Addis Abeba University and Kyoto University, Gonder University and Tokushima University, Bahir Dar University and Tottori University, Hawassa University and Shimane University, among others, and they are eager to continue their cooperation.

With regard to student exchanges, the Japanese government offers scholarships to foreign students every year. This year, the Embassy of Japan recommended seven students from Ethiopia for post-graduate courses, and all seven of the post-graduate students were accepted in the first screening by Japanese universities, including Kyoto University, University of Tsukuba, Yokohama National University and Osaka University.

In addition, there are separate arrangements, made through hosting universities in Japan, which accept Ethiopian students under the sponsorship of the Japanese Government.  “I hope that all the Ethiopian students studying in Japan broaden their experience, deepen their knowledge, and become a bridge that promotes academic exchanges with Japan, inviting many Japanese students and scholars to Ethiopia, as their predecessors did,” she said.

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