PM Abiy receives Global Islamic Finance Award 2022

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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has been awarded as the 2022 Laureate of the Global Islamic Finance Award for efforts made in reforming Ethiopia’s finance sector.

The award has been presented to PM Abiy during the Global Islamic Finance Summit (GIFS) 2022 held in Djibouti.

“Ethiopia has been undertaking vast financial sector reforms which are receiving global recognition. Honored to receive this award for the miles we are going as a nation to make the sector inclusive,” Abiy said in a tweeted message.

Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) recognizes governments, institutions and individuals who have exhibited outstanding achievements in their respective fields, contributing to the sustainability of Islamic banking and finance as a viable system within the global international financial architecture, according to the organizers.

More than 500 governments, institutions, individuals and initiatives have been recognized and honored by GIFA so far.

ZamZam bank’s Board Chairman Nassir Dino (PhD) and ZamZam Bank’s president Mrs. Melika Bedri congratulated Abiy Ahmed and his delegates after the award ceremony at Djibouti’s Kempinski Palace.

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