Ministry sets new factory prices for cement

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Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration (MoTRI) has announced Wednesday new factory prices for cement product, which will be effective for three months.

Following the decision, MoTRI has regulated that the minimum factory selling price for a quintal of cement to be 510 Birr while the maximum price is 683.44 Birr.

“Due to the shortage of cement in the market governmental duties have been given a priority,” Gebremeskel Chala, Minister of Trade and Regional Integration said in a presser at the headquarters of the Ministry located around Gurd Sholla area.

“Mega projects should submit authentication documents from pertaining governmental institution to expedite the purchase of cement from factories,” he said.

Gebremeskel said that the decision was made after MoTRI asked cement factories in Ethiopia to make price adjustments to curb the increasing price of the product. “However, the prices forwarded by cement factories was too high, promoting the ministry to establish a task force to study production process and come up with price suggestions,” he added.

Private customers can purchase cement from unions and governmental developmental entities, according to Gebremeskel.

He also cautioned that cement transactions carried out in various places with cement other than those approved by city administrations and regions are considered illegal and legal actions will be taken from the date of notification by the institution.

The sale of cement in different cities will be regulated considering the cost of transportation, loading, unloading and warehouse rents, the statement from MoTRI stated.

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