Commission aims to attract 1 million tourists in five years

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Oromia Tourism Commission (OTC) has unveiled its plan to attract 1 million international tourists in the upcoming five years.

“We planned to attract 1 million international tourists to destinations in Oromia under normal circumstances such as if the Covid-19 pandemic ceases to exist, prevalence of security improves in Ethiopia, and other international conditions improved,” Nega Wedajo, Deputy Commissioner of Oromia Tourism Commission told Origins Business.

“The plan is an ambitious one even so far we can’t attract one million tourists at a national level in a year,” he said.

The Commission has been working robustly to market Oromia region as top desirable tourist destination.

“Increasing tourists’ length of stay is also our target,” Nega said.

“OTC has also a plan to develop ten new tourism destinations and expansion of the existing one’s through new investments,” he said, adding, “We further need to enhance the skills of professionals through skills development projects across Oromia due to hotel and tourism hospitality skills are very scarce”.

“Professionals in the hospitality industry at the region are taking a good care of the guests, but it should be in a manner we can make the maximum benefit out of the sector,” he says.

The Commission has also a target of creating hundred thousands of jobs in the sector.

He went on to say that, “If the current scenarios in Ethiopia improved, especially prevalence of stability guaranteed, we’re planning to create 500 thousand jobs in five years”.

OTC also looks to increase community awareness about the untapped potentials of the tourism sector. Oromia region has a number of tourist attraction sites such as national parks, reserves and captivating natural wonders.

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