EEU plans to earn 43.1 bln Birr from power sale

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Ethiopia Electric Utility (EEU), the state-agency engaged in selling electric energy, has planned to generate 43.1 billion Birr from the sale of electric energy and other revenues in 2022/23 budget year.

Shiferaw Telila, CEO of EEU told the media in a presser on Thursday about his institution’s plan.

“EEU has also a plan to reach out its services to 1.2 fresh customers,” Shiferaw said.

Meanwhile, EEU has generated 220.94 billion Birr revenue during the just ended 2021/22 budget year. Shiferaw said that the institution has achieved 88% of its target revenue for 2021/22 budget year.

He said that EEU has reached out its services to 367,466 customers in the last budget year.  Some cities and localities, which are not beneficiaries of the services before, are now using electric energy.

Ethiopia is currently generating 4,500MW of electric power and is expected to exponentially increase to 17,000MW in 9 years.

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