Exporters complain of challenges hampering their performances

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Exporters engaged in different businesses have complained of varieties of dilemma’s that are hampering their performances.

The exporters have filed their complaints during the panel discussion on “Ethiopian Export Day” held Friday at Ethiopian Skylight Hotel.

Ayele Dejene from Modjo Modern Export Abattoir complained that his company didn’t receive more than 80 million Birr export earnings from Dubai, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Ayele, on the other hand, said that his company has generated $120 million earnings from export of meat to five countries.

Meanwhile, a representative from Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) said that though there’s a plan to expand their plants and improve export earnings, deficiency of shortage from the government side has been affecting their performance. Lack of access to land is choking these companies’ performances in this regard.

A representative from Techno Mobile in Ethiopia for his part complained of lack of recognition and backing by the government though they have been exporting their services.

Munteha Jemal, Trade Promotion Head at the Embassy of Ethiopia in Beijing, China contrarily raised another challenge.

“Even though China has untapped potential for Ethiopia’s export commodities, there’re times that we have been told Ethiopia’s export product stocks are over,” she said during her virtual address from Beijing. “Due to this factor we are losing importers trust”.

Geberemeskel Chala, Minister of Trade and Regional Integration (MoTRI) responded for the complaints.

“MoTRI and Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be doing their best to deal with payment issues, which has to be resolved by importers,” he said.

“Survey-based responses will be given to address the service industry,” Gebremeskel added.

Top performer exporters were awarded with certificate of appreciation from the MoTRI.  

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