Over 3.85 mln Birr tax paid via Telebirr

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Ethio telecom announced Tuesday that more than 3.85 million Birr tax has been paid through Telebirr, a mobile money service as of July 8, 2022.

Accordingly, so far, 679 Category C tax payers have settled their annual income tax of 2014 Ethiopian budget year digitally via Telebirr.

More than 300,000 tax payers are identified to settle their tax payment via Telebirr, according to Ethio Telecom.

Meanwhile, Addis Abeba Revenue Bureau and Ethio Telecom signed an agreement to enhance accommodation of Category C tax payers’ payments through Telebirr.

Frehiwot Tamiru, CEO of Ethio Telecom and Mulugeta Terefe, Head of the Bureau signed the agreement.

Frehiwot said that tax payers should not suffer to pay their dues.  “Easy and convenient system must be implemented,” she said.

“Ethio Telecom has been working to make people’s life easy by providing reliable and cost effective alternative digital payment system,” Frehiwot added.

Mulugeta for his part said: “Tax payers have been exasperated due to payment of taxes through Commercial Bank of Ethiopia as it has some glitches,” adding that, “Telebirr will solve the problem easily as it has been integrated with 13 banks”.

Tax payers can easily settle their annual income tax using the payment order number sent to their mobile number via SMS over 7075 from Addis Ababa City Administration and as they settle the payment, they will immediately receive a payment notification SMS from 7075 and 127 that can be used as a receipt number/payment confirmation.

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