Ethio telecom invests 91 mln Birr for green legacy initiative

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Ethio telecom said that it has invested 91 million Birr for planting tree seedlings in the past three years.

Planting tree seedlings is part of the green legacy initiative.

The telecom giant has facilitated a media visit on Monday to the centers where it has planted tree seedlings in three years. In three phases Ethiopia’s green legacy initiative, Ethio telecom has planted 2.9 million tree seedlings over 80 percent of them were prolific.

The green legacy activity conducted by Ethio telecom has created jobs for 9000 people.

Lots of young people organizing themselves in small and micro enterprises have been getting involved in nurturing seedlings and supplying governmental and Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) as well as individuals with variety of seedlings. More unemployed were also obtained jobs in the nursery centers, according to Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission.

Participation in the green legacy initiative is one of the responsibilities Ethio telecom has been discharging its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Mesay Wubishet,  Communication Chief Officer at Ethio Telecom told local media’s on Monday.

The company is in preparatory stage to be engaged in the upcoming fourth green legacy initiative.

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