HEINEKEN brings malt-based energy drink to Ethiopian market

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The brewery giant HEINEKEN Ethiopia today officially introduced its latest product, “BERTAT”, a non-alcoholic Energy drink, to the Ethiopian Market.

The new nonalcoholic Energy drink was unveiled at a ceremony attended by Hubert Eze, Managing Director of Heineken, and other invited guests.

With the growing consumer demand for healthier products Heineken Ethiopia brings its malt based non-alcoholic energy drink BERTAT, the first Energy Drink Proposition in a returnable glass bottle for the local market.

As the nutrients can be quickly absorbed and processed by the body, malt beverages make for an ideal source of energy for individuals performing any mental or physical activity, they can serve as a quick energy boost or recovery drink, the company said.

HEINEKEN’s energy malt drink is a proven concept and recipe that has already been successfully launched in other African markets in recent years, the company said, adding “The energy drink will be packaged using Glass that is a 100% recyclable,” reducing the impact on the environment.

During the launching ceremony Fekadu Beshah, External Communications Manager for HEINEKEN Ethiopia remarked that “HEINEKEN Ethiopia is a company known for launching innovations. By introducing the first Malt based energy drink, we are moving the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry of Ethiopia another step closer towards meeting the needs of our consumers and customers.”

Heineken joined the Ethiopian beer market in 2011, through the acquisition of two government-owned breweries operating in Ethiopia. Since then, the brand has been operating across three locations, one in the east Harer Region, and the second in Bedele, in the west of Ethiopia, and the third at Addis Abeba. In 2015 Heineken inaugurated its latest state-of-the-art brewery and since then it has continued to expand and invest in the country.

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