Dashen Bank’s 230 mln Birr data center inaugurated

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Dashen Bank has inaugurated Thursday a modern Tier III data center built at a cost of 230 million Birr.

The new data center consists of 1,000 servers and other network equipment’s. The center will enable to provide banking services throughout the year.

The data center, which is equipped with modern international standard equipment’s, will enable to control the overall activities of the bank and provide solutions when problems exist, Asfaw Alemu, CEO of Dashen Bank said.

Dashen Bank will be benefited from the data center in terms of quickly providing services from anywhere and implementing new services without any glitches, according to Asfaw.

Basically, the new data center will also boost the safety and quality of banking services.

“The data center will further provide services to other banks, new potential banks which will join the industry and other institutions,” Asfaw said.

The Bank envisions becoming the best bank in Africa.

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