Ministry partners with GAVI, Mastercard, JSI to implement Wellness Pass digital health records system

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Ministry of Health (MoH), Mastercard, GAVI, The Vaccine Alliance, and JSI announced Friday their partnership to implement the MasterCard Wellness Pass Digital Health Record System.

The partnership agreement has been signed among MoH and representatives of the companies at the Headquarters of the Ministry.

The digital system will enable to maximize the efficiency of Ethiopia’s fragmented patient’s medical data in a digital and organized form, Dr. Lia Tadesse, Minister of Health said during the agreement program.

In many low- and middle income countries, patient healthcare data is currently fragmented and largely collected, recorded, and stored in paper-based systems. The healthcare system can cause siloed medical records, limited patient verification, lack of accessibility and offline portability, and results in an inability to aggregate and report data efficiency.

The abovementioned reason attributed to the creation of the partnership to implement the Mastercard Wellness Pass solution within Ethiopia’s health information system, with the aim of bringing efficiency to healthcare tracking and offline probability of health records in the most marginalized communities.

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