Tadash Steel Manufacturing PLC inaugurated in Dukem town

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Constructed at a cost of 5.8 billion Birr, Tadash Steel Manufacturing Industry PLC has officially been inaugurated in Dukem town on Saturday.

Sprawled over 50,000 Square meters of land, Tadash has a capacity of to melt 450 tons of iron ore in a day.  The steel plant has the capacity of manufacturing 600 tons of steel in a daily basis.

Launched production at utmost capacity, the manufacturing PLC will create jobs for 700 people and it will have an immense role in import substitution.

Kibruyisfa Tekle is the owner of the manufacturing plant. The factory uses scrap iron as raw materials to produce reinforced bars and wire rods, which in turn are used to make nails.

The inauguration program was attended by Takele Uma (Eng.), Minister of Mines and Shimelis Abdissa, President of Oromia Region.

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