Addis Chamber influences policy makers in drafting laws favor private sector

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Addis Abeba Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (AACCSA) said Tuesday that it has been working along with the policy-makers to influence policies to be in favor of the private sector.

Mesenbet Shenkutie, President of AACCSA said in presser at Radisson Blu, “The Chamber has been making recommendations in government policies”. She added: “The Chamber has received a welcoming approach by the government unlike previous times”.

“Our Chamber has submitted more than 600 pages of recommendations to the government while crafting of new policies,” Mesenbet said.

Shibeshi Betemariam, Secretary-General of ACCSSA, for his part said, “We have also drafted a new investment proclamation with the policy-makers, which is expected to protect the interests of the private sector”.

Currently, the government is engaged on massive changes that the chamber needs to put its share in the upcoming strategy for the private sector, and the policy recommendation has also targeted to pressure the government for the benefit of the private sector. The challenges on the private sector activities have been identified under the document, Shibeshi said.

“The current economic problems are beyond the government, and we should work together to solve them,” he said.

Macro-economic problems such as a soaring inflation, unemployment and budget deficit have been challenging the economy.

Rub salt in the wound, the economy has been battered by the impacts of war in the northern part of Ethiopia and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Addis Chamber announced that it is going to discharge its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) through implementing three campaigns to be implemented in July and August, 2022, according to Shibeshi.

Provision of subsidies on basic goods for employees working at member companies of ACCSSA is the first plan.

Secondly, 180 member businesses of the Chamber will provide their products at a lower price to customers.

Last but not least is feeding street citizens who are engaged in begging along with the Addis Abeba City Administration.

ACCSSA is also in a preparatory stage to celebrate 75th years of its establishment. Symposium, inaugurating 75th year’s book and exchange of experiences are part of the program that will be held from June 28 to 30, 2022.

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