Ethiopia attracts $2.43 bln FDI in nine months

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Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) announced Tuesday that the country has attracted a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of $2.43 billion in nine months of the current fiscal year.

Lelisse Neme, Commissioner of EIC said in a presser on Tuesday that the plan was to attract FDI of $3.63 billion in nine months.

The FDI amount registered in nine months of this fiscal year has shown 18.3% growth rate as compared to the figure attracted in similar period of the previous year, according to Lelisse.

In the same period, it was planned to attract 203 investors and 118 foreign businesses invested in Ethiopia, said Lelisse. Close to 65 businesses were invested in manufacturing, 50 in service and 3 in agricultural sectors, respectively.

Meanwhile, it was also planned to earn $223 million manufacturing industries exports, whereas the performance shows $156.7 million. Compared to the figure last year, the performance has shown an increment of $27 million.

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