Dashen Bank, National ID program partner to equip customers with digital ID

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Dashen Bank and National ID Program of Ethiopia signed an agreement on Friday to enable customers of the bank to get a digital ID.

The agreement program on Friday was held at the headquarters of Dashen Bank.

Asfaw Alemu, CEO of Dashen Bank said, “The absence of digital ID has retarded the growth of the banking industry and customers financial benefits.”

“In a bid to solve such problems various activities have been discharged,” he said.

Asfaw recalled that the directive issued by the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) dictates financial institutions to register data’s of their customers in a digital platform.

To implement the directive and meeting the objectives of the national ID program, Dashen has signed the agreement, Asfaw said.

Implementing the digital ID program is believed to have a significant national importance to unlock opportunities for customers to resolve the difficulties they could face while they are making financial transactions.

Yodahie Arayasilassie, General Manager of the National ID Program for his part said, “The digital ID will create a soaring sense of trust between Dashen Bank and its customers,” adding, “In two years, most of the Bank’s customers will get the digital ID.”

In four years ahead, the National ID Program envisions to include 70 million citizens into its system.

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