Ethio Telecom launches Ashamtele loyalty program, Telegebeya online sales platform

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Ethio Telecom has launched Ashamtele customer loyalty program in a bid to ensure better customer satisfaction and experience through which customers get incentives and rewards based on points collected using the tracks of each of their diverse telecom services usage like voice, data/internet and SMS, as well as for recharging airtime and making payments for goods and services via telebirr.

Consequently, using the accumulated points while using different services such as voice, data and SMS along with making payments for goods and services via telebirr, the Asham tele loyalty program registered customers will get various incentives and rewards that will possibly enable them to buy smart mobile phones, tablets and laptop; as well as to buy packages, recharge airtime and pay monthly bills.

Similarly, Ethio telecom has launched telegebeya online sales channel which is a new and an alternative sales platform that enables customers to purchase Ethio telecom products easily from their whereabouts by using telebirr as a payment modality.

The newly launched online platform will be an option for customers to purchase ethio telecom products in addition to the company’s existing 615 point of sales and 116 franchise shops, according to Frehiwot Tamiru, CEO of Ethio Telecom.

On this web based sales platform, different smart mobile phones, internet modems, fixed broadband terminals and other telecom services are available to customers with affordable prices.

As a first phase telegebeya online sales start up, customers who reside in Addis Abeba can order their preferred products amongst the aforementioned devices using this web based online sale platform or and will soon receive the products in their whereabouts as they settle the payment via telebirr.

In its second phase, the company is planning to expand this web based online sales service and avail it in major cities of the country along with additional telecom products, which are not available currently.

Ethio telecom has been implementing multifaceted strategic reforms manifested in terms of telecom infrastructures expansion and latest technologies deployment to massive tariff reduction and emerging new telecom services and products in order to provide reliable and quality services, thereby meeting the ever increasing demands of its customers.

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