Moyee complains over high Coffee price

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Sees to open Coffee processing plant in Sendafa

Moyee Coffee, a joint venture company engaged in Coffee roasting business, told Origins Media that the high Coffee price is challenging its business.                                                            “Farmers have been given the right to set a Coffee price and we observed shortage of the commodity stemming from lower production,” Desta Hailegziabiher, Moyee Coffee’s Sales Manger told Origins Media, adding, “To the contrary, the increase in number of licensed Coffee businesses is a contributing factor for high price.”

A price of one Feresula (17kg) of Coffee soared from 1200 to 5700 Birr. “Coffee price, especially in this year, has soared very highly. Due to that factor we are working not to cease our business,” as Desta puts it.

Previously a kilo of Coffee sold 245 Birr including Value Added Tax (VAT). Now, it’s over 600 Birr including the VAT, he said.

Desta said: “The high price set by farmers, transportation cost; inflated prices of Coffee at Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) and lack of management in trading activities aggravated the problem.”

Moyee also exports Coffee mainly to Europe. United States is another export destination. “As Asian nations demand for the commodity continues to spike, Moyee is planning to penetrate this market,” said Christian Tarekegn, Supply Chain Specialist at Moyee Coffee.

Export price is depending on the price set by ECX.

Established in 2016 by the joint venture of Ethiopian and the Netherlands investors, Moyee Coffee is engaged in roasting Coffee business. Currently, it has employed 150 staffs.

Meanwhile, on Friday, April 1, 2022, Moyee opened its second Café at Bole, in front of The Mosaic Hotel. The first branch was opened inside Friendship Park.

“Within two or three weeks, we are planning to open our third branch at Adot Complex  around the Old Airport,” Christian told Origins Media.

Moyee’s Coffee roasting company is located at Sendafa town.

Last year, the company sold out close to 150 to 160,000kg of Coffee to both local and export market destinations, according to Christian.

On the other hand, Desta recommends that the government should make efforts to lower the skyrocketed price of Coffee.

Christian, on his part explains: “In the next time, we need to control the value chain that extends from farming to sales as much as possible.”

The company also envisions to expand its business ahead.

 “We also have a plan to establish another Coffee processing company nearby Sendafa’s factory,” Christian discloses.

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