Infrastructural gap poses challenge on industrial park

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Debre Birhan Industrial Park (DBIP) said Tuesday that delays in the infrastructural gap development is posing a challenge to attract more investors.

“The park has developed 10,000 hectare of land for investment. However, lack of road construction taking to DBIP is a predicament,” said Yeshitla Mulugeta, General Manager of Debre Birhan Industrial Park in a presser on Tuesday while journalists paid a visit to the park.

DBIP is 5.5 km far from Debre Birhan City. “Construction of road project to be conducted by the Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) and was intended to be finalized on June 2021 is not even started so far,” he said.

“Therefore, the delay in construction challenged our effort to attract more investors and it has negatively impacted producers in the park,” said Yeshitla.

The Park, which is under the supervision of the Industrial Parks Development Corporation (IPDC), is sprawled over 106 hectare of land. Eight industrial shades inside the park transferred to investors, according to Yeshitla.

DBIP has garnered over $24 million in six months of this Ethiopian fiscal year. So far, 1700 people are employed in the park.

Approximately 130km northeast of the capital Addis Abeba, the city of Debre Birhan is establishing itself as an alluring investment destination.

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