Ethio Telecom launches 4G home wireless broadband internet service, rebrands sales centers for customer convenience

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Ethio telecom has launched Thursday a high network capacity 4G Home Wireless Broadband internet service, which is a GSM/4GLTE based broadband access solution with affordable price.

The 4G home wireless broadband internet service uses the existing GSM/ 4G LTE mobile Network as an option of fixed broadband internet service so as to provide them alternative high speed capacity broadband connection at their preferred areas where wired broadband internet services are inaccessible.

In line with this, the company has launched the 4G Home Wireless Broadband internet service at testing level in some sales centers by supplying 4G Wi-Fi device with affordable price; while it will fully and widely commence the service in the near future in areas where 4G LTE services have already been deployed, Ethio Telecom said.

Similarly, Ethio telecom rebrands and restructures its sales centers with high standards so as to deliver best services for the customers in various parts of the country in addition to providing its customers with the latest technologies at affordable prices.

Rebranding and restructuring sales centers of the company have been undertaken across the country, specially by making internal structure improvements and modifying customer hosting and waiting rooms, adjusting newly launched presale service testing places or experience zone; making the sales centers more convenient for the people living with disabilities as well as making the external parts of the building easily identifiable and accessible by the customers so as to bring about best customer experience and enable them get enjoyable serves at a comfortable and attractive environment.

In line with this effort, premium business centers have been rebranded and commenced providing services for the enterprise customers in six zonal offices of Addis Abeba and in 16 cities of the regional offices.

On top of this, the company will finalize the rebranding and restructuring of the remaining sales centers within a reasonable time frame to maximize the access of its branded sales centers for the customers so as to provide them with fast and convenient services.

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