An internal memo distributed to Ethiopian Airlines staff regarding Tewolde GebreMariam’s resignation

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Dear Colleagues,


As you know I have been challenged with health issues since almost a year now and as a result I have been working from the USA for the last five months.

Under my current health issues and medical treatment I am not able to return to the office any time soon. Although we have been working together virtually, the situation cannot continue since my tasks need physical attendance at the head office.

Hence; I decided to retire early and focus on my medical treatment.

The decision has not been easy as it means a separation from my beloved and shining airline after 37 years of active duty in various areas out of which 11 years and 3 months as Group CEO. However; health comes first and I need to focus for full recovery.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all the support you have given me in leading our beloved airline in its remarkable growth agenda. I am very grateful and very appreciative for your commitment, dedication and hard work.

You (the 17 thousand strong work force) have shown the world what seemed to be impossible and it has pleasantly surprised the entire aviation industry with exceptional performance in all measurements against all odds. We have exceeded our own goals of vision 2025 which were considered unachievable by industry experts.

Together, we have done history in the last decade in which we have grown the airline from one billion USD annual turn over to $4.5 billion, from 33 airplanes to 130 airplanes from 3 million passengers to 12 million passengers (pre-COVID) and in general we have expanded the airline by four fold in all measurements. We have built more than $700 million worth of vital infrastructure like Africa’s biggest hotel, Cargo terminal, MRO hangars and shops, Aviation Academy, Full Flight Simulators etc. …

I also want to mention our exceptional crisis management in the last two years of the most devastating global pandemic crisis. Our resilience, agility, perseverance and can-do attitude has enabled the airline to register historical record profit and manage the crisis without any bail out money, without any employees layoff and salary reductions. You have been superb.

I ask you to extend all the same support to my successor and continue the hard work and keep our beloved airline shining high in the sky.     

Thanking you very much again, I wish you all the best of success, health and happiness.

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