Awash Bank officials to serve customers at branches

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Officials of Awash Bank Share Company will serve customers and solve problems on spot at branches of the Bank in Awash’s “Customers Week”.

The customers’ week has been launched on Tuesday, March 15, at the headquarters of Awash Bank and Insurance Share Company.

“Thanksgiving to customers and maximizing their satisfaction are the main objectives of the week,” Mr. Tsehay Shiferaw, CEO of Awash Bank said in his speech to Bank’s customers and officials.

Awash have 680 branches across Ethiopia and over 116 billion Birr deposit. Its customers who opened an account reached 6.8 million.

Awash Bank, which started operations in 1995 with 24.2 million Birr in equity raised from 486 shareholders, is the most capitalized private bank with a paid-up capital exceeding the minimum threshold capital of five billion Birr set by the National Bank of Ethiopia last year.

The Bank’s paid-up capital has reached 8.2 billion Birr.

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