CBE requests customers to update personal info’s in few days

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The state-owned Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) has requested its customers to finalize updating their personal information to get CBE’s digital banking services.

Customers of the CBE were seen waiting for long queue to update their personal information to get bank’s services on Friday.

Yabsira Kebede, Corporate Communication Head of CBE, told Origins Media that, “Customers should finalize updating their information in few days to get CBE’s digital banking services.”

“Mobile banking, internet banking, ATM Card services were deactivated for those who failed to update their information,” Yabsira confirmed.

He went on saying, “Those clients who were seen flooding CBE’s branches across Addis Abeba come after the deadline to update their personal info’s, which ordered six months ago.”

Customers who have already finalized updating their personal detail information are receiving digital banking services, says Yabsira.

 “Unlike other times, customers were flooded CBE’s branches,” he said, adding, “It should not be an obligation to finalize updating activities in a day as branches are serving many more customers.”

“CBE’s clients can even update their information even after March 11, 2022 but those who failed to do so will not get mobile banking, internet banking, ATM Card services of the bank,” he stated.

“But, they can get other services across 1800 branches of the CBE across Ethiopia,” he said.

CBE has more than 34 million customers, but despite the large customers’ base Yabsira said: “Such long queue has mainly been observed due to failure to meet the deadline, which was ended on Wednesday February 9”.


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