E-commerce faces security challenges

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Businesses said lack of security in Ethiopia has been adversely affecting the success of e-commerce platforms.

Addis Abeba Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations organized a consultation with businesses focused on “Challenges and Opportunities E-Commerce in Ethiopia”.

Deficiency of infrastructural facilities has been mentioned as among bottlenecks for the e-commerce businesses. Mainly, lack of security to deliver orders through e-commerce platforms has also been raised as a threat to such businesses.

Furthermore, businesses complained that consumers prefer to check strength and quality of products at market places, which makes e-commerce not trustworthy for them.

Baheru Zeyenu, CEO of Africom Technologies PLC said that there are more than 60 million mobile service subscribers in Ethiopia and the e-commerce platform is not untapped yet.

He said lack of trained human power and knowledge on the digital economy are too among the challenges facing e-commerce businesses.

“Unless the local private sector quickly engaged in the e-commerce business, financially strong foreign companies will exploit the market,” Bahiru said.

“Local companies should overcome challenges and the government, on the other hand, must discharge its responsibility to promote e-commerce,” he said.

Alibaba and Amazon, global e-commerce giants are interested to join the Ethiopian market.


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