Ethio Telecom launches March 8 special package service

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Ethio Telecom said it has launched its March 8, International Women’s Day special package service on Tuesday.

Special Women’s Day discounted package service dubbed “You deserve it” has been officially launched in the presence of Frehiwot Tamiru, CEO of Ethio Telecom.

Ethio telecom celebrated International Women’s Day (March 8) together with Empress Menen Girls’ Boarding Secondary School students.

This year’s International Women’s Day has been celebrated on March 8 for 111th times at global level under the theme of “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow”.

As part of marking the Women’s international Day, Ethio telecom has launched a one day Women’s Day package and will draw a lottery among women customers who subscribed the Women’s Day package via My Ethiotel, telebirr App or *999# and will award 50 smart phones.

Moreover, Ethio Telecom has made a one year or six-month long 17 types of mobile devices instalment-based payment for female customers in Addis Abeba and regional cities; the devices will be available in Ethio Telecom shops with affordable price and free packages to create the possibility for women to empower them by reducing the digital divide related with cost of ownership, according to the telecom giant.

Furthermore, the telecom company has made women’s sanitary materials donation to 480 Empress Menen Girls’ Boarding Secondary School students that can be used for one year in connection with the March 8 and it also awarded tablets for top 10 outstanding female students who have performed well in the first semester of the academic year.

It has to be recalled that in the near past years, in connection to the  International Women’s Day (March 8) Ethio telecom handed over 200 mobile devices and 50 laptops in honor of best performing women teachers serving in government high schools across the nation.

Until this very moment, the company said it has been making remarkable contributions in discharging its corporate social responsibility so as to increase women’s participation in social and economic sectors especially in putting women at the center of digital development and will also strive to ensure women’s equal access and use of digital technology in the years to come.

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