Drivers’ penalty payment system launched through telebirr

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Ethio telecom, Addis Abeba Traffic Management Agency, and Addis Abeba Police Commission signed a memorandum of understanding to implement the drivers’ traffic penalty payment through telebirr.

Accordingly, Ethio telecom is now capable to implement the drivers’ traffic penalty payment via telebirr, the prominent digital payment system, in order to address the problem of drivers who have been wasting their time and resource to settle their traffic penalty payment through extended, tiresome and traditional paper-based methods.

This payment system would also modernize and replace the age-old paper-based payment system of the Addis Abeba Traffic Management Agency and other authorities.

The launching program, which held on Thursday, March 3, 2022 has been, organized with key message “Respect the traffic rules while driving; if there is a breach, settle your penalty via telebirr”.

To settle a traffic penalty payment via telebirr drivers are expected to inform the traffic police in advance their preference to settle the payment though telebirr before the police issue a receipt.

This service, which allows for the payment of traffic penalty through telebirr payment system, can replace the age-old paper-based payment system and save the drivers’ time and money as well as transform the stakeholders operation to digital technology system.

In related development, more than 1,500 traffic police officers have been trained by Ethio telecom for the success of this technology-based service. Thus, the traffic police can issue traffic penalty payment by using a 6050 short number and by sending Short Message Service (SMS).

Furthermore, Ethio telecom is working to integrate with major utility service providers and Ethiopian Airlines to enable the society to settle payments easily and rapidly.

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