eTech moves to digitalize health services

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In a bid to digitalize the health facilities in Ethiopia, eTech, a local company that provides complete ICT solutions and is supported by Ethiopian technologists from around the globe, has introduced new platform dubbed eHealth.

The company has developed a new application dubbed eHealth with the aim of fully digitalizing the way of storing records of patients through paperless mechanisms, according to Shimelis Gebremedhin, CEO of eTech Company.

The new application will play a positive role in modernizing the health sector in Ethiopia by providing a bundle of benefits such as saving lives, make healthcare accessible to all, improve the quality of health care access and service delivery using digital health solutions, Shimelis disclosed in a presser on Tuesday, March 1, 2022.

Through the new app, patients can easily schedule appointments and view their records through patient portal.

Knowing the societal health situations is vital to craft national policies and plans in the health sector. “Without collecting Ethiopia’s population health records in a digitalized way, implementing those policies would be a difficult task,” Melaku Ezizew (Eng.), Board Chairperson of eTech Company, said.

There are close to 20,000 health institutions across the country and the company is planning to work in partnership with such institutions through the new eHealth digital platform.

As part of discharging social responsibility eTech said it will donate this system to 3 selected health institutions to support the re-habitation initiative by the government and Ethiopians. Selecting those institutions is going to be co-hosted by the Ministry of Health.

Medical Doctors and nurses can also easily document patient diagnosis and order medications, lab pharmacies easily dispense medications through the assistance of the new modern system.

“We are even working to send prescriptions to pharmacies electronically without the need have manual (paper) records of health. The service is currently available in Amharic, English, Oromiffa and Tigrigna languages,” said Shimelis.  The Company has a plan to expand services in different local languages.

The new system is expected to provide end to end solution including the necessary infrastructure and cyber security services.  It too offers solutions such as the hospital can host the software on their own servers. For those that don’t have the capacity to accomplish such activities, eTech can host it on its servers, said Shimelis.           

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