Commission warns investors, Diaspora not to bribe experts

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Girma Seifu, Addis Abeba Investment Commissioner has warned investors and members of the Diaspora on Tuesday not to offer a bribe with an intention of getting any services from the Commission.

Commissioner Girma told the investors not to make any payments to Addis Abeba Investment Commission experts to get any services they need. Girma said so after an investor complained over a rampant corruption in the process of investment.

“Members of the Diaspora should tolerate the challenges including the rampant corruption in the country when they are considering investing in Ethiopia,” said Abebayehu Girma, an investor and Board Member of the Addis Abeba Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (AACCSA).

Girma replied, “If there are investors who bribe experts, it’s obvious to see experts receiving such a corruption.”

One way of receiving bribes is with a pledge to conduct feasibility studies on different sectors, according to Girma “Our Commission has already conducted various feasibility studies; you can take those studies for free from our office,” he told the Diaspora.

“In my office, I have installed a surveillance camera to control my staffs,” he said, adding, “I can’t do much more and I can’t even manage investors who are offer bribe to staffs,” said Girma.

He went on to say that, “There should be no doubt your case would be finalized solely through the legal manner”. Girma also insisted the Diaspora should tolerate the bureaucratic bottlenecks.

“We have to change the challenges together and you will be profitable if you are daring to take risks,” he told the investors and Diaspora.

AACCSA conducted a consultation with investors and the Diaspora, who recently arrived in Ethiopia following Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s (PhD) home coming challenge call.

“The network that we created today will have a paramount importance to build a strong economy,” said Mesenbet Shenkutie, President of AACCSA on her opening remark.

Mesenbet also urged the Diaspora to discharge their responsibility in boosting nation’s economy.

Shibeshi Betemariam, Vice Executive Secretary of AACCSA for his part presented the Association’s activities with regard to strengthening the role of the private sector.

AACCSA presented 135 policy recommendations to the government. “Most of our recommendations have been accepted by the government and incorporated into the Ten-Years Perspective Plan,” said Shibeshi.


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