Hibret Bank inaugurates its headquarters

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Hibret Bank Share Company has inaugurated its new 37-storey headquarters (HQ), which was constructed at a cost of 2.8 billion Birr on Saturday.

The HQ which is called “Hibir Tower” is located at Senga Tera financial district. It was inaugurated with the presence of President Sahilework Zewde and Yinager Dessie (PhD), Governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE).

Laying on a 3,300 Square Meter plot of land, the construction of the building took six years to finalize.

Established in September 2006, Hibret Bank currently has a network of 400 branches across the nation, serving 1.42 million customers.

Last year, the bank registered a gross profit of more than 1.44 billion Birr. The Bank has reached a total asset of 1 billion Birr.

Hibret has more than five thousand employees.



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