Bunna Bank set aside prizes to mobilize foreign currency from Diaspora

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Bunna Bank announced Saturday that it has set aside plane ticket prizes for 20 Ethiopian and Ethiopian descent Diaspora members who will exchange their foreign currency in branches of the Bank.

The plane ticket prizes, which will be received by 20 best performer Diaspora members, will enable them to go and return to wherever they want to pay visit to, said the Bank in a statement.

This new scheme by Bunna Bank will be effective from January 1 to January 23, 2022.

The Diaspora member who will receive remittances and exchange their foreign currency through the bank will get awarded, said the Bank.

Additionally, the bank will provide a loan with low interest rate for Diaspora members who seek to buy or construct residential houses. The only precondition to get that loan is opening Diaspora account and deposit money, according to Bunna Bank.





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