Bunna Bank awards hard currency generating customers

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Bunna Bank Share Company, among the most profitable banks in Ethiopia, has awarded its customers who received remittance through its formal banking system.

The award was given to 31 lucky customers on Thursday at the Headquarters of the Bank located around Bole Rwanda area in Addis Abeba.

The award of the Bank forwarded to its loyal customers at its Head Office includes automobile, Flat Screen TV sets, smart phones and washing machine and refrigerators. “Such rewards, which took place for the 9th round, will encourage customers by directing remittance flows to the official channels,” said Tena Hailemariyam, Director, International Banking Directorate at Bunna Bank S.C.

Furthermore, Tena said that the bank is about to facilitate conditions that will especially benefit Ethiopian and Ethiopian descent members of the Diaspora while they seek to exchange their foreign currencies.

Meanwhile, Bunna Bank S.C. reported a gross profit of 937 million Birr in the concluded fiscal year in June 2021.

Bunna’s increase in the number of saving accounts that show a 78.6% increase from the previous year, contributed for the boost in total assets, according to board of directors report. The bank has increased its customer’s number to more than 1.35 million.

The year was a profitable one despite the challenges posed by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and other problems that tested Ethiopia’s economy.

Bunna’s total asset meanwhile has reached 25.96 billion Birr, which has increased by 7.08 billion Birr from the previous year performance.

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