Purpose Black receives 400 hectare of land as it launches franchise model

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Purpose Black ETH Training, an institution that mainly intends to solve economic problems of the black people, has launched a unique franchise concept dubbed “Qeleb Kegeberew Shareholder Franchise”.

As part of the new scheme, the company has received 400 hectare of land at Arba Minch town from Gamo Gofa Zone that will be used to conduct farming activities.

Fisseha Eshetu (PhD), CEO of Purpose Black told Ethio Trade and Investment Forum that the new franchise shareholder will enable to purchase shares from the company and receive return from the farming activities.

“Through the new Franchise Shareholder Model (FSM) investors receive additional regular income from the net profit of each franchise they invest through a 50% profit sharing arrangement from the net profit of the franchises they purchased,” said Fisseha.

The new scheme is implemented to quickly mobilize finances, according to Fisseha.

“An investor will pay 100 thousand Birr to have a share in a hectare of land,” he said. Meanwhile, agricultural activities and facilitating market outlets for the products will be the assignments to be delivered by the company.

The company has also a plan to work on e-commerce, agro-processing, media and export businesses.


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