Nyala Insurance launches new services for Ethiopian Diaspora

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Nyala Insurance S.C. announced that it has finalized preparatory activities to launch new services which are tailored for the Ethiopian diaspora.

Tegegn Masresha, CEO for Marketing and Business Development of Nyala Insurance told Ethio-Trade and Investment Forum radio show that a new service called “Diaspora Assistance Scheme” will be launched for the diaspora from Europe and North America.

“The new service will be launched this week,” said Tegegn, adding, “If Diaspora’s face with emergencies such as accidents or health problems within 90 days of their leisure time in Ethiopia, Nyala insurance will pay €10,000 for their treatment”.

It was two weeks ago that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) invited one million Ethiopians in the diaspora to come home and celebrate Ethiopian Genna.

The fee for forwarding bodies from abroad and other expenses for funeral services will be covered by Nyala Insurance, according to Tegegn. The new service will be implemented for a year.

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