Eyezon, electronic support platform collects over $3 mln in month

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Commercial Bank of Ethiopia announced Friday that over $3 million has been collected by Eyezon, a new electronic platform that helps the Ethiopian Diaspora community to donate finances for the country in a month.

“The collected amount reaches 60 percent of the planned amount of $5 million in six months,” said Abie Sano, President of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia in a press conference at the Intercontinental Hotel.

The money has been collected from 13 thousand members of the Ethiopia Diaspora, currently residing in the United States and other countries, according to Abie Sano.

“The support will be dispatched to especially to children, women and Persons with Diasabilities (PWDs), who are the most vulnerable due to the impacts of the war,” said Mitiku Kassa, National Disaster Risk Management Commissioner.

Mohammed Idris, Director-General of the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency for his part said that the new finance donation mechanism is a trustworthy fund administration mechanism.  


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