Nib International Bank expands core-banking services

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Nib International Bank (NIB) said Wednesday that it has expanding its core banking technology services, which are part of the banks five years strategic plan.

Genene Ruga, President of NIB announced in a press conference on Wednesday held at the new Headquarters of the Bank said that one of the pillars of the five years strategy is aggressively working on digital banking.

Accordingly, the Bank said it has implemented encouraging activities in this regard.

Release-20, which is among part of the core banking technological functions, has been implemented so far, said Genene, adding, activities of modernizing the data center is in progress.

“Furthermore, we have been implementing functions of digitalizing the business processes, human resource development, procurement and fixed asset management tasks,” he said.

Meanwhile, Assefa Yeshanew, Vice President of NIB in charge of information systems, for his part said, “Close to 95 percent of planned core banking activities were discharged by our bank”.

Agent banking services by NIB are being implemented in super markets and pharmacies, among others, according to Assefa.


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