Tewodros Ashenafi Foundation backs schools construction in North Shewa

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Built and donated by Tewodros Ashenafi Foundation, a Kindergarten School has been inaugurated in North Shewa, Deneba town at Siyadebir and Waeyu District at a cost of 3.6 million Birr.

The support also incorporated construction of a religious school for Mahibere Melekot Debretsion Ba’ata Unity Monastery found at Deneba town.

Both schools are situated 135 km away from the capital Addis Abeba.

The KG school has officially been inaugurated on October 31, 2021 with the presence of Abune Kelemmitos, Head of the North Shewa Diocese of theEthiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church (EOTC).

“Nurturing children with education and spiritual order has a paramount importance to the nation,” said Abune Kelem mitos, who is also Head of the Sabbath Schools Development Department at EOTC’s Mahibere Kidusan. 

The new elementary Kindergarten School launched the learning-teaching activities on October 4, 2021.Currently, 134 students are attending classes. It has consisted of classrooms, a dining room, children’s day care, bed rooms, playing ground and school’s office.

The school is named after Tewodros Ashenafi, a philanthropist and CEO of SouthWest Holdings Limited.

Mr. Tewodros has also provided a significant financial support to the boarding school of the Monastery, which is under construction.

Two blocks, each consisted of two classes for the boarding school has been built by the foundation.

Abune Kelem Mitos paid a visit to the under construction facility of the traditional school at the Monastery, and said: “Working in the minds of human beings is a greater deed.” He added: “We thank Mr. Tewodros for his generous support”.

Administrator of Mahibere Melekot Debretsion Ba’ata Unity Monastery, Aba Hailemichael Bedane on his part stated: “Upgrading the Kindergarten to the university level is a long term plan of the Monastery.”

He also extended a gratitude to Tewodros for the kind supports provided.

Meanwhile, Tewodros mentioned that spiritual knowledge has a decisive role in crafting personality. He further pledged that the Foundation will continue to back expansion projects of the Monastery.

Belete Urgie, Head of Prosperity Party Office at Siyadebir and Waeyu Wereda praised the effort by Tewodros Ashenafi Foundation to expand access to education to children and youths.

Belete pledged to extend helping hands by the Wereda’s administration.

The Tewodros Ashenafi Foundation was established by chairman and CEO of SouthWest Holdings Ltd. The Foundation is engaged in various community development projects in Ethiopia as part of the corporate social responsibility of SouthWest Holdings Limited. In 2019 the foundation built and handed over a street children rehabilitation and training center to the Addis Ababa City Administration.  

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