Wallin Beer joins market

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United Beverages PLC, which is administered under Kangaroo Industrial Group, has unveiled its brand new beer named Waliin.

Waliin is an Oromiffa word translated us “togetherness”.

The company, which started its operations 3 years ago in Modjo town with a capital of over €88 million, has now launched the new Waliin Beer – a premium lager beer.

Teresa Urgessa, Acting General Manager of the company, said Sunday that the new Waliin Brewery is designed targeting Oromia region as the center of consumption. It is currently available for sale inselected cities of the country.

“We are going to supply the market with products, which reflects Ethiopian cultures and values,” said Urgessa in a launching program held at EthiopianSkylight Hotel.

United Beverages, which was formed in a joint venture between local family-owned Kangaroo Industrial Group and United Africa Beverages Company, launched the ‘Anbessa Beer’ in 2019.

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