PurposeBlack launches supplying agri products

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PurposeBlack ETH Training S.C. said Monday that it has officially launched activities of supplying agricultural products to consumers.

The company will conduct activities of providing consumers with agricultural products—by purchasing directly from the farmers, which will reduce the value chain significantly.

Fissiha Eshetu, CEO of Purpose Black said:“The Company has collected 10 billion Birr, and we’ll facilitate the market to enable farmersgetting better incomes beyond covering their daily meals”.

Fissiha added that products will be delivered directly to customers in selected cities by means of rented vehicles. “We also finalized preparations to deliver merchandise sale requirements from governmental and non-governmental trade unions”.

PurposeBlack is a new initiative launched in May 2020 through collaborative effort of more than 135 individuals. As the name indicates, the goal of PurposeBlack is to offer economic solutions to some of the major problems of Black people globally.

So far, the company has 10 billion Birr authorized capital and 100 million total number of shares.

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