Helloo market plans creating 45 thousand jobs in five years

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Helloo market, a full-fledged e-commerce platform (https://helloomarket.com) has planned creating 45 thousand direct and indirect jobs in five years.

As part of the plan, 15 thousand service provider machines will be installed in the rural parts to create jobs to thousands, according to the company.

These movable machines operate from a power of solar panel and provide services of Automatic Teller Machine (ATM), mobile charger and Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, the upcoming system will mainly enable customers to purchase goods, Mahdi Salih, Director General of Helloo Market told Origins Business.

In the meantime, Helloo Market has inaugurated its first full-fledged show room.

Adding to that on the 24th of December Helloo market will form a partnership with EMS and DHL to serve worldwide customers.

Hello Market, with its “Made in Ethiopia” products, has more than 1,500 suppliers.


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