City admin reveals illegalities in land grabbing

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The City Administration of Addis Abeba has revealed Friday there have been massive illegalities discovered in land control in parts of the city.

“Over 1400 hectare of city’s land was illegally grabbed by government officials and their culprits,” said Tiratu Beyene, General Manager of Addis Abeba with a portfolio of Deputy Mayor, adding, “The administration brought back the lands to the city’s land bank”. 

The illegal land control was conducted in Aqaqi, Bole, Kolfe Qeraniyo, Lemi kura and Yeka sub cities, he said in a presser.

Close to 20 hectare of land, which is allocated to farmers was the main target of the illegal grabbing by those suspects, according to Tiratu. “Members of the Diaspora, civil servants including government officials are among the suspects,” said Tiratu. 

“A legal process is already in progress to make 120 individuals who are suspected of being involved in the illegal activity accountable,” Tiratu said.

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