Ethio Telecom launches 4G LTE advanced network across 22 cities

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Ethio Telecom, the state telecom giant, announced that it has launched 4G LTE advanced mobile network in 22 cities across the nation.

This expansion is part of the second phase 4G LTE advanced network expansion.

Adet, Assela, Bichena, Dejen, Goba, Mota, Halaba and Duramie are among the beneficiary cities, according to Ethio Telecom.

In the first phase beneficiary 92 cities become beneficiaries of the expansion project incorporated under a strategic plan of the company. Totally, 114 cities can now access the 4G LTE advanced mobile network service.

The service will enable customers to digitalize their services and boost their productivity. To use the service, customers need to change their SIM cards.

Ethio Telecom customers exceed 52.2 million.

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