Owner of former Holland car launches Adugenet online auction website

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Tadesse Tessema, Engineer by trade and founder and owner of the former Holland Car Assembly Plant has launched Adugenet auctions, a fresh auction website to bid for properties on Thursday.

A fresh website can be found at www.adugenetauctions.com and administered by Adugenet Technology Group PLC, is intended to change the auction process by making bidding easier while making buying safer, according to Tadesse.

“It will take just not more than 20 minutes to finalize the auction process, which will consume days to accomplish through the usual bidding process,” said Tadesse.

All the auctions are time-bounded and the highest bidder by the end of it gets to buy the product being auctioned. Bidders can view pictures of the products when the auction is online.

“This digital online auction system avoids the inference of humans and will avoid corruption as well as other problems that could encounter through bidding processes,” as Tadesse puts it.

Adugenet Technology Group PLC has signed an agreement dubbed “Payment gateway” with Dashen Bank. The agreement will enable bidders to secure Dashen’s Certified Payment Orders (CPO) for the auctions.

The agreement has signed between Adugenet’s Tadesse Shilmelis Legesse, Chief Information Officer of Dashen Bank at Skylight Hotel.

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